5 Family Favourite Appetizers

As a child I lived in palatial bungalows with huge front and back gardens. And sometimes even a separate kitchen garden! I remember badminton championships and even a  cultural programme for the local kids being hosted there. But my best memories of those years are the charming Dinner parties my parents would host. Ever so often their friends would get together in our house for free flowing beer and spirits. But all eyeballs would be on the most amazing food that my mother would magically put together.

There would be family friendly recipes, old fashioned classics and whole lot of comfort food. Her meals were simple, delicious, and perfect for bringing the guests together. My childhood was spent watching and learning to cook from my mother. She taught me how to separate eggs, why you should never slam the oven door when baking a soufflé, and how to make the flakiest pie crust you’ll ever taste.

Here are five of her most popular party appetizers.

Deviled Eggs - The Party Hub


Deviled eggs


Crowd-pleasing party snack that are the perfect way to start a casual evening. Flute the filling through a pastry bag for a stylized effect, or add cayenne or curry spice for extra pizzazz.


Veggie Pinwheels - The Party Hub


Veggie Pin wheels


Packed with nutrients and creamy cheese, these delectable little veggie bites make a wonderful light snack and are the perfect size for passing around on a tray.



Grape & Cheese - The Party Hub


Grape & Cheese skewers


The combination of firm salty cheeses and juicy, crisp, sweet grapes is divine. The culinary possibilities here are truly endless: have fun playing around with different cheeses and fruits to create seasonal surprises for every party theme.


Shami Kebab - The Party Hub

Shami kebabs


A delectable combination of mince and spices this is great just on its own, as an appetizer and even when served as a side dish with other foods.

Mini Spring Roll - The Party Hub



Mini spring rolls


Irresistible Asian-inspired appetizers. Fresh medley of crispy vegetables are wrapped in a traditional egg wrapper and are super easy to assemble.


My boys share the same joy of cooking as I do. I try my best to get them involved in the kitchen as much as possible and even before they could reach the counter they were grating carrots, mixing cookie dough, and shaking salad dressing. More on that later!

What is your favorite party appetizer? Do you make it at home or order from a Catering company?

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